Some Troubles in Affiliate Marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing

  I want to start this piece by saying it isn’t an attempt to dissuade you from exploring a way to build a lucrative, productive, online business. I am an affiliate marketer and I think that route has the potential to help you do great things.

  But I continue to see techniques that disturb me just enough to want to give you another perspective. The “I use to live in a hole on the hillside of the local dump but now I have a Gazillion Dollars and you can too!” perspective is overplayed. Let me show some of the tools used to encourage people like you and me to try this business and to let you in on what my experience has been.

  Full disclosure: I would love if you would join my team. I just really want you to make your decisions with eyes wide open.

Let’s look at a list promises made and the real-life scenarios that I can attest to.

You can make money right away!

  I did! My first sale, once I started my affiliate business, happened in the first week. It was one dollar from someone who started a one-dollar trial offer for a company I advertised. I never saw another penny from that client and I didn’t see my next payment as an affiliate marketer for 3 months.

Patience is a key to early success.

  It takes time to build any business and affiliate marketing is just that, a business. You have to be willing to commit time, energy and money into any business. The allure to affiliate marketing for me was the fact that I could use other peoples’ programs to build my business. I don’t feel I have the talent or expertise to start a whole new program, so I chose this option. Once I was up and running my time was returned to me.

Make money working only 37 seconds a day!

Piggy Bank
Making money takes patience.

  Though the main drive for me to start affiliate marketing was to make the same money I did in my management position, I really wanted to do it with less hours on the clock. I was able to do that, but at first I had to invest more of my time to achieve my goal.


I also made a business plan and committed some of my savings to get an education from people who were smarter than me about these things. So, to start it cost me both time and money. And knowing that doing this quickly was a myth, I settled in for the slow run. I knew I had to take my time and do things step by step in order to succeed. Eventually I was able to build my business to take advantage of the time and finances I had built into my plan.

Free, Free, Free!

  This one is a two-edged sword. Many of the programs I support do have free educational pieces that helped me immensely.  But at a certain point I realized that I could do better with some upgrades to my affiliate connections.

I still use many free options but even they require that time be invested in order to succeed. I weighed the cost of my time against the cost of adding programs and upgrades and made my choices based on what fit my business plan and budget.

Only available for the next three callers!

Limited time offer
Limited time offer.

  This a sales technique is called “The Take Away”. It is a way to build urgency so you will buy “now before it’s too late”!

  Though sometimes it’s true, mostly it’s not.

  If you weren’t aware of this before, take the time to notice it now. Every day you are on the internet, watching T.V. or listening to the radio you will be presented with this sales practice.

In fact, most of the programs and products I promote will use a version of this. I encourage you to take your time when you are exploring. Don’t make a decision based on the take away. Make a decision based on the merit of the products or services and how they fit in with your business goals.

But don’t become paralyzed into inaction. If you are compelled to build a business make a plan, follow your plan and continue to move ahead.

The need to alter normal words in a sales piece.

  Some search engines, or places like Facebook, have algorithms that see certain terms or phrases as spammy. When these words show up the algorithms shut down the ad.

  To get around this you will see things like, F.R.E.E instead of free, or get Pa-id Now, to help outsmart the system.

I am not a fan.

If your product or service is compromised by the algorithms, then work on a classier way to present your company. (Just a personal pet peeve.)

Less than honest presentations.

  This one can cover a lot of ground, so I’ll be brief. We all want people to see what we have to offer. That’s why we are in business. But recently while exploring some new companies I came across two things that bothered me.

  The first offered a free option to get me to take a look at this wonderful money-making opportunity but once I committed to the program It was explained that free members could not make a cent. So, I was told to upgrade now!

I’m a literal kind of guy. Free has a literal meaning. If I have to upgrade, the opportunity is not free. Needless to say, I blacklisted the company from my email lists so I would not hear from them again.

  Another alluded to a promise to get me on their list saying I could hold my spot for free so I would be higher up on the income producing program. This one didn’t lie to me but worded things to let me believe I might be able to work with them and have no need for further investment. It ends up that it wasn’t true.

  The lesson here is to go slow, explore everything but only work with the people that follow your sense of fairness and work ethic.

Making money online.

Money in a case
Money, Money, Money.

  Lucrative businesses can be built online, and it is true that you can work from anywhere you have an internet connection. But first you have to trust the people you work with AND you have to put in the time and energy to make your version of this gig work for you.

  Combining your work ethic with companies you’d be proud to promote is the foundation of creating your successful affiliate business.

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